Vanilla Souffle with Roasted Rhubarb

 I have to decided to make an extra effort to try and make things I have not attempted to make before or those things that I haven't made well enough. 
Yes the list is huge, but I have to start somewhere and it is with this Vanilla Souffle.

The recipe is from an old Vogue Entertaining and travel magazine. 
It is from Claudes Restaurant in Sydney and I can't find the online version anywhere as yet. 
I am not sure how it turned out on the "perfect souffle" scale, however it did rise, was light and delicious and is the first souffle I have ever made (and eaten for that matter!) so I am happy with this result.
The recipe called for a burnt orange sauce, but I found some juicy mandarins and fresh rhubarb and decided to make a slightly different version to the original recipe and it worked nicely.
The rhubarb was sprinkled with brown sugar and baked for about 12mins at 150C until just soft. 
I also had 4 strawberries that I sliced and sprinkled with caster sugar and let rest for about 1 hour so that the juices would extract.
The mandarin was juiced and added to the strawberry liquid, then put on the stove to reduce down to a lovely syrup (we all love this sauce).

 (just in case the souffle sunk I grabbed a photo of them in the is quite an exciting moment to see these rising for the first time)
As soon as these come out, you can make a little hole in the middle and drizzle in some sauce and a dollop of rhubarb (you don't really need the rhubarb actually!).
These would be perfect with a raspberry syrup too!

Ok next I must master the Perfect creme brulee and French macaron...


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