40th Lunch

Today I made lunch for friends and family, to celebrate turning 40.
It was a lovely day...Thankyou!

I picked up an old book for 30 cents, but it was not that interesting and better used as a decoration.
The ribbons are masking tape.
I saved old drink bottles to put the flowers in.
I always like to try new recipes with friends.
I made an orange and almond cake and filled it with creme patisserie, raspberries and strawberries, then iced it with a little whipped vanilla cream.
The venison and kangaroo were lovely and the beetroot and orange relish I made complemented nicely.
P made some pork and fennel sausage rolls and they were yummy too!


  1. Happy 40th Birthday Natasha! What a beautiful birthday celebration. The lunch looks and sounds absolutely divine, not to mention the gorgeous decorations, so sweet! I hope you had a wonderful day. Lots of love from all of us xxxx

  2. Happy Birthday!! Can't believe you cooked all that and on your birthday too! :) As always love your decoration. :)


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