Art - Watercolour Painting and a little History

We are playing with watercolour paint at the moment, trying washes, new brushes, texture.
Some watercolour paintings look effortless, that is part of their charm I guess. We know it is not so easy to create a masterpiece, it will take a lot of practice.
For now J is very happy with his first attempt... 
 "Autumn Tree"

At the library we found this lovely book that tells the story of the Mona Lisa painting, a fun way of learning some art history...


  1. a good start !! :) colourful and lovely indeed. :)
    We plan on doing art history soon too. I got some lovely books fromthe library on the life of VanGogh and Monet. Was thinking of combining music history and art history, starting with Debussy/Ravel and Monet. Will see how it goes. :)
    p.s you must have a lot of patience to try macarons!

  2. I Haven't really found any good music history books yet, so will look forward to what you have. Look forward to seeing your art books also.
    How good is sharing this info via blogging!

  3. is good. i get inspired by your ideas. Will post mid next week maybe.have a good week ahead!


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