Zoo Trip - The Launch of Rainforest Study Week

I decided to focus this week on Rainforests and the only place in Perth I know to see one is at the zoo.
In the asian Rainforest we saw the Sun Bear, Elephants, otters, Gibbons and my favourite the Orangutans. We watched a mother try and get some rest under a blanket while her young son tried everything to get her attention.
The boys liked the Lesser Primates, some looked like little Elvis monkeys.They played and jumped at the glass to get our attention, they were watching everything we did and kept us entertained for quite a while.
Sadly the camera retired itself after only a few shots but we did have a fun day visiting all the animals not just rainforest inhabitants (Meerkats, lions, giraffes, hyaenas, zebras and these Rhinos...

 There were many birds to see and we will be looking at rainforest birds later this week, especially the Cassowary.

We had a lovely picnic lunch and then sat down to rest, a little like this lady.


  1. rainforest week..haha.. it's all around me, and we've yet to study it, though we trek. Love your frog painting! :)


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