Recycled Pallet Art Easel

We have been working on this for a few weeks now, but this once disregarded pallet has finally found it's an easel.
I spotted the dumped pallet getting smothered in weeds and suggested that we could make an easel out of it.
My crafty, clever husband eventually turned my visual idea into this easel and with a bit of sanding and a whitewash of paint it was completed on the weekend.
It is solid enough to use for Home School projects and displays. Many uses I suspect. 

While we were sanding these old oars got a new life. 
We picked these up 10 years ago for $5 at a garage sale and stained them a dark timber, but they needed lightening and I think they look quite nice.


  1. how lovely! I haven't even got a proper easel here..gonna get one but it'll cost about 200RM..expensive over here. But seeing your DIY one..perhaps see if I can convice hubby to make one..test his craftsmanship? haha..

  2. That easel is so cool. I love it! What a great idea and how nice, to have such a handy husband! I think using the easel as a backdrop/frame would be a nice way to showcase your beautiful watercolour paintings in your home.


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