Science this Week

The experiments this week included some chemistry,a fun, basic introduction...
(Prof H with magnifying glass)
Introducing atoms, the Periodic Table and searching for elements in things around the house, such as silver, gold, nickel and magnetic iron.
We looked at water and how it changes from liquid to gas and liquid to solid ice and how the molecules in water move faster when water is heated.
We tested items around the house to see how they acidic they were using the PH scale and paper in our chemistry set...
Used filter paper to separate the solids and liquids from a mixture of sand/iron powder and water.
Then we saw how detergent molecules cause pepper to race across a bowl of water.
Finally we made a mixture of baking powder and water in two glasses which were joined by string and waited to see the crystals form.

The chemistry set has lots of experiments to do, however there are so many great websites to get ideas from, now I just have to sit and work through the list of things to do!


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