Spring Sailing and Play

 We were using Cuttlefish shells as boats at the beach the other day, which made us think about making some boats and having a race. It has been such lovely weather the past few days.

 H made his boat with no hull and a flag like sail. J had a hull and a pirate style sail. 
Both were made out of milk containers and had clay in the bottom to hold up the sails. 
We discussed which one we thought would go further in the conditions and why we thought so. 
Then when we finished we discussed the results and how we could improve the boat designs for next time.
 As it turns out J's went further in the slight breeze and H's travelled along the rock edge before it was sunk by a wave from a passing boat.
We retrieved the boats using a fishing rod (not wanting to litter our clean waters), although there were plenty of passing crafts that could have fished them out for us if we needed a hand.
Next time we will try different designs and different weather conditions.

 lovely weather for outdoors.


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