Working on Fish Watercolours


Ok, not happy with this, but I am hoping one day I may look back on it and see an improvement.


  1. If you are saying you actually painted this, I just don't believe you! It is too good... although really, it shouldn't surprise me as you are a very talented painter. But really, it is excellent. Well done!

  2. is this a painting or a photo? if a painting it's darn good! looks like a photo.

  3. Thank you, I think you both are being a little generous with the compliments. Perhaps it looks better on the computer screen? I started with a pencil drawing then painted in watercolours and used white ink for the highlighting (I still haven't got the hang of leaving white paper Martha!)

  4. I wasn't being generous, it is good, lotsa details..and naturally done. beautiful really, I could eat it. :)


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