The Weekend that was...

 We don't have a doormat at the front door...we have a resident bobtail lizard!
We also have one that likes to sun himself on the fake grass out the back, with the dog. 

 Collecting ants for the ant mine.

 Making a basic scissor lift with hydraulics.

I also managed to get to the Perth Upmarket at UWA.
Lovely markets and lovely company. 
I think the next markets are on 27th November if you are in Perth.


  1. wow...never seen a blutongue in my life before till this pic on your blog! Love the cave art too! We did it once too..somewhere on my blog. only we went collecting 7 diff kind soil colour, pounded it, used binder and painted on sand paper. Cavs studies is cool. Do also check out these links which we did when studying caves.


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