Handmade Christmas - Clay Decorations

These are our Christmas decorations we have made for this year, we really enjoyed making them.
I have been wanting to use up the remainder of the air dry clay from our sculpture lesson a few months back and what better way, than to use cookie cutters and make Christmas tags and hanging tree ornaments.
If you have the December 2010 Home Beautiful Magazine you will find the instructions in there and they seem to be popular this year, perhaps because they are so easy to make. 
Simply roll out some air dry clay and stamp or cut to your desired shape, then let dry.
I used a rubber stamp and cookie cutters.
Sand with a nail file when they are dry to smooth out rough bits.
Can't wait to make some more, I have lots of ideas for shapes and patterns.

If you have a doiley you could do this.

I really love these from Paper Boat Press.


  1. amazed at your energy...pass me some. I can't even begin to decorate at all...it's like Christmas has come too early this year.

  2. Hmmm I don't think I have that much energy?? I do use this type of craft time to relax and unwind. The boys like playdoh, so this is fun for them too.
    Ahh yes I have decided that I better get used to each christmas coming faster and faster each year(such is getting older).

  3. Thanks for this post. It made me remember that I made some of these decorations years ago. I also used the clay to make napkin rings - a star for the outside and then a small circle cookie cutter for the inside. We had lots of people for Christmas lunch so it was a cheap way to make a nice setting. Also, they took home their napkin ring as a decoration for another year.


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