The Muppets - Flavour of the Month

When I woke this morning the boys were drawing. H (who is 4) was drawing The Muppets...
 This would have to be my favourite, it is Scooter and looks exactly like him in cartoon form! Perhaps we have a cartoonist in our midst.
 This is Ralph (the piano playing dog)
 Dr Bunsen the scientist.
Fozzie Bear.
It seems I was right in thinking that the boys would enjoy watching snippets of the Muppets, just as I did when I was younger. However they keep asking for more and it is not so easy finding Muppet books or dvd's.
They especially like the Swedish Chef...we all like the Swedish Chef!
We will have to keep looking in the 2nd hand bookshops I guess and keep checking the library and Utube.
Of course they could always put the Muppets back on TV!!!!


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