Weekend Sewing - Boys PJ's

 After I received this lovely book from a special friend, I was inspired to sew.
So I made some PJ's for the boys from a pattern in the book. 
I was surprised how easy the pattern was to follow, I am not used to following patterns, I normally "wing it", but they turned out quite nice and I made 5 pairs and used the scraps to embellish Tshirts.
 For some strange reason H thinks this is how you pose when showing off new PJ's??????

 These ones had a little denim pocket on the front.
 A little baby onesie.

 A recycled print used on a singlet top.

A little Tshirt of bunting!


  1. These look great! Love your fabric and the little stitched details. Lucky boys. I'm glad the sewing bug has hit again, I love seeing what you come up with!


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