Tourist Drive - York to Pickering Brook

 A big day, a long drive, we went to York. A historical town with plenty of old buildings and cars to show the boys...
 We went on the old swing bridge and visited the old flour mill markets and lolly shop in town.

 A few places were closed for the holidays, including some antique shops and cafe's, so we took our lunch to Mundaring Weir...

 After this stop we meandered our way along the top of the hills to Pickering Brook, enjoying the views and lovely orchards along the way. We then stumbled upon a biodynamic farm/cafe and decided to stop of course (they made cider too!)

 The boys enjoyed their biodynamic local apple juice and we shared an apple tart overlooking hills of fruit trees, a lovely spot.

 After buying a box of tree ripened peaches from a farm we headed off back down the hills and are all needing a good rest.

Pi Rats

 When I heard J talk about making a wooden boat and H carrying a stuffed rat I automatically thought of Pi Rats, so I made a sail, mini paper hats, eye patch and telescope and we set sail as you do!

Arghh the adventures these two Pi Rats will go on.

Cooking with Nature

 A no beach day today, we made some mud pies and leaf art though.

More Beach Play

Animal Hands

Have you seen these? They are lots of fun.
 Temporary tatoos that a special friend sent us.
Even after a day at the beach and bath they are still hanging on strong...

Surfing with Dolphins

 Today at the beach we were lucky enough to have the dolphins come in a bit closer and do some surfing in the waves and some tricks for us too (very hard to get a photo of this because these wild dolphins don't do their tricks on cue). Very exciting to have the dolphins share their waves with us and come and say hi.

Christmas Day 2011

 Today we spent the day not rushing anywhere... just being. 
And just as we normally do, we decided to cook something we haven't cooked before (as our Christmas Treat) and believe it or not I have never cooked a whole turkey!
We did it in the BBQ, yes the portable one with lid and it was so moist.
The turkey was not stuffed (except for a few lemon wedges), however I put duck fat, crushed garlic and parsley under and on the skin and popped the feathered friend on a bed of onions, carrots and beef stock. After seasoning with salt and pepper it was into a medium heat for 3 hours (first 1 hour with foil on the breasts)...
 After a lunch of roast turkey, apples and salad, we built lego, played some board  and card games, shuttlecock, kite flying and went for walk...

Ding Dong Merrily on High

 Hope you are having a very special Christmas, we are.

We are enjoying being together and making music too...

2011 Christmas Concert

 We shared piano playing, a poetry recital, a dance performance and carol singing with friends, it was our 2011 Christmas concert and we had a lovely evening.

(This is H putting on a smiley face after falling off the chair)

 A cranberry fruit cake.
 Chocolate Roulade (no flour, just good chocolate, sugar and eggs! and King Island Cream in the middle)
 Baby cherry and coconut friands and white chocolate rocky road.