Christmas Day 2011

 Today we spent the day not rushing anywhere... just being. 
And just as we normally do, we decided to cook something we haven't cooked before (as our Christmas Treat) and believe it or not I have never cooked a whole turkey!
We did it in the BBQ, yes the portable one with lid and it was so moist.
The turkey was not stuffed (except for a few lemon wedges), however I put duck fat, crushed garlic and parsley under and on the skin and popped the feathered friend on a bed of onions, carrots and beef stock. After seasoning with salt and pepper it was into a medium heat for 3 hours (first 1 hour with foil on the breasts)...
 After a lunch of roast turkey, apples and salad, we built lego, played some board  and card games, shuttlecock, kite flying and went for walk...


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