The Christmas Mouse Has Arrived!

We awoke this morning to find a Christmas Mouse had moved in...

 This cute little mouse carries his suitcase all around the world at Christmas time and even has mail delivered (by Mouse Mail)!
He has been to Paris and London and now is in Perth, Australia.
Mr C.Mouse had some trouble with his travel arrangements and lost some of his luggage, but is expecting them to arrive any day.

 He has white washed furniture, a lace mat, padded mattress and warm wool blanket to keep his mousey toes toasty (mice get cold even in Perth didn't you know).

 Mr C has been to Russia.
He has his advent calendar too.

What will the Christmas Mouse delight us with tomorrow?


  1. This is SO adorable! The details are so, so cute - all the little stickers and signs. The bed and soft furnishings and the scooter look great! Very sweet Natasha, can't wait to see what it will be tomorrow!

  2. wow!! did you sew, make all these? very nice! bet you've got your boys very excited! I'm waiting to see the mouse. heh heh..:)

  3. Oh no I think Christmas mice have their own little crafty types, the ones that sew bedding using the same fabric I have (wink wink) Others build furniture and sell to Spotlight (unbelievable I know). Even the blanket, we had a baby hat similar I am sure. I think these mice like recycling too! (The boys read this blog like a diary, so I need to tread carefully with what I write). Lots of fun.

  4. such crafty mice!
    and before you know it,
    they'll too be baking pies
    and sending them for you to eat! ;)

  5. This is awesome!! :D We already have a little mouse living with us, that never leaves my girls' side, but I hope we get a Christmas mouse too! I bet they would become friends instantly. He has some time till next Christmas to get over here :)


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