Christmas Mouse likes Chocolate

 Mr C Mouse has been busy decorating his Christmas tree.

 He likes famous art and has been raiding the Lego boxes...

Mr C Mouse likes Chocolate too.


  1. love your ideas!! Did you make Mr. Mouse? My girls wonder what Lulu the guinea looks like, and i wonder too. :)
    My girls have begun decorating Lulu's house alittle and even made little shoes for her. Have not posted yet..perhaps tomorrow. Glad bout your idea, it certainly brightens my girl's morning, specially now they're sick. :)

  2. This is not actually Mr C Mouse, but one of his soft friends he dressed up for Christmas. We will never see Mr Mouse, that is part of the magic. The boys just use their imaginations to picture him getting up to all sorts of things at night when they are asleep. They don't ask to see him at all. They know he doesn't want to be seen. Maybe Mrs Guinea is the same?


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