We were all a little sad this weekend because poor H caught a very mild case of the chicken pox from J (even though he has been immunised) and we thought might be contagious.
We missed a brunch with friends and carols in the park (soooo sad). 
Happy though that he just has spots and not sick.
The boys baked a brownie cake to cheer us up and spent the weekend making things, such as this board game...

A NO TOYS weekend!


  1. Sorry to hear H has come down with the Chicken Pox too, but glad to hear it's not as bad for him. How is J now? That cake looks delicious, I can see how it would help cheer up the boys! In fact, I couldn't get that image of those chocolate-chips out of my head today, so we made choc-chip banana muffins. Hope everyone gets well soon.


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