Art with H - Colour and Emotions

 Today we spent a little time looking at colours and how they can compliment each other and express emotion in art.
The above is a quick paper plate colour wheel, but if you have more time a collage like this would be good.
After a look at some Van Gogh (a favourite of mine yes) paintings displaying a variety of emotions (such as sadness, joy, rage etc etc) we discussed what emotions we felt the colours suggested on our colour wheel and what we would use for anger, calmness, fear if we were going to do a painting.
I then asked H how he would draw a face to show different emotions...
 Fairly straight forward.
 I asked him to look at how my face changes for this one and I think he got it just right.

This is funny, the wrinkles on the forehead!
You could then go on and colour the faces based on the emotion/colour match discussion.
Drawings by H (4)


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