Plant Study - Collage

We have been sick, a nasty bug zapped all our energy. 
With 40 degree temperatures outside we decided to crank up the airconditioner (not looking forward to the next bill) and camp in the lounge room.
We had to postpone our plant study presentation for friends, but we managed to make this collage before we fell ill.
I used anything I could find...paper plate, old streamers, rope, old book paper, blu tack(for water) and masking tape.
The boys liked seeing themselves as miniatures on the blackboard.
 While we were sick our little seed sprouted in the test tube - amazing!


  1. such a really cool idea to have kids as part of the collage. !! :) I'd like to borrow this idea please. thanks.

  2. So sorry to hear you have been sick. I hope you are all feeling much better now. I have really enjoyed seeing all the details of your plant study, very interesting and so many great ideas! This collage is very cute and your watercolour paintings excellent! (not to mention all the other wonderful things you have done with the boys). I would love to share my new business with you, I am just working on a few things .... I'm not trying to be secretive at all, I am just trying to bring it all together, if you know what I mean! I hope you and the boys are well now and I look forward to seeing more blog updates soon! Take care xx


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