Plant Study - Day 4 Photosynthesis

 Today we started with what we had for breakfast - cereal, a plant!
 I asked " why do we eat cereal for breakfast" and luckily the boys replied "because we need food for energy". Hooray!
Energy is important for life and the sun gives us energy in heat and light.
We talked about how the leaves take in the sun energy along with water from the roots and carbon dioxide in the air and convert it to sugar energy to use for growth. While this is happening oxygen is pumped out those factory smokestacks in the leaves (stomata).
We went over photosynthesis in a few different ways, using different words and I introduced respiration and the carbon cycle to J. 
The simplest way I could explain the process worked ok, we had some worksheets/questions to answer and it all seemed to sink in.
I talk in both simple terminology (for H) and try to use correct jargon for J, rather than do two separate lessons. 
These lessons are not long, maybe 20mins to go through a topic. I figure H will take in as much as he can and will get the rest in a few years.
After the lesson and worksheets (separate level for each) we did a mosaic pumpkin with seeds and lentils.

 It was an appropriate 40 degree day in Perth, perfect example of the power of the sun!

Now we will look at making a display and giving a little talk on the subject to friends.


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