Self Portraits

 Self Portrait in Oil and chalk pastels By H (4)
 Self Portrait in oil and chalk pastel by J (8)
 After looking at some self portraits by Van Gogh, we sat in front of the mirror and started looking at where everything is located on our face.
 The cross on the face (see here) helped the boys to locate where the eyes and ears and mouth etc go and I think was really helpful.
After drawing we went and discussed the difference between oil and chalk and how they can be used in different ways. 
I used black paper and oil pastels and began by asking the boys to make a u face and colour all the skin. We then added eyes and nose and mouth and hair.
We used chalk for the background and then black for the outlines.

In hindsight I probably should have done a refresher in colours (contrasting etc)
because I noticed that H got a more vibrant finish purely by accident, choosing colours he had on and liked most. 
Overall for our first use of oil pastels I think it was a good result , a quick art session is always a good thing on a hot afternoon.
I got the idea of using pastels from here.


  1. love their portraits. like modern art. :) Frame them up. :)


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