Australian History - The Endeavour

 We have been reading about Captain Cook and Sir Joseph Banks and their travel adventures, thinking about what it would have been like on board The Endeavour. 
Today we went to a little play boat and pretended for a short while before returning home to do some writing...

 A diary entry/story of Captain Cook (this is not the actual entry by Captain Cook of course! J's version of what he thought it might be like to be Captain Cook)

"20th April, 1770
This morning I woke up to the usual sounds of the Endeavour. The flapping of the sails and the shouting of crewmen were familiar to me.
Like every other morning we had breakfast and went up to the top deck, however this day was going to be different...
The lookout had sighted land!
Excitement broke out amongst the sailors. We decided to find a suitable place for a landing.
A calm bay was choosen. We rowed ashore and studied the new land and I named the bay Stingray Bay."

 H wrote a letter home to mum from on board the Endeavour...

Dear Mum,
I am having fun on my journey. I have hoisted the sails, lifted the anchor and I have seen sharks.
I will miss you
Love H

We might try and make some ships next!!


  1. I love both the essays, and H's is so touching! haha..:)


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