Fig and Grape Jam

I don't normally eat figs and don't normally make jam. 
Perhaps it is because I have never had a nice fig? 
Well today we were given some figs fresh off a tree and we decided to turn them into jam (they were very ripe).I also had some extremely juicy red seedless grapes which were not very sweet, so I added the handful in to the pot with the 6 figs and 1/3rd cup castor sugar (probably needs less with sweet grapes), orange rind and whole orange juice, and a touch of water. 
This mix simmered for about an hour until it reduced and set (I guess). 
We were all overwhelmed at how yummy it tasted, so we had a little with ice cream. 
I think we need to get some more figs! Why haven't we tried this before!

The sunset that day matched the jam (smoke filled the sky from the bushfires).


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