A Lesson on Botany and Classification

Now that we have studied Rainforests and recently Plants, we will now take a step back and look at Botany, and plant classification...

First we talked about what a Scientist does and then specifically a Botanist.

Today we were Botanists', we collected, observed, studied, recorded, discussed, grouped, described etc.
We pretended to be Sir Joseph Banks and discovered a new plant in our backyard, we then recorded the details we thought were important and made a drawing, oh and named our plant also.

We also spent time looking at living and non living things and how science can classify living things into Kingdoms...
I decided to use the term literally and described each Kingdom as its own little world. 
Every Kingdom needs a flag! This is our plant Kingdom flag...

In every Kingdom you have different roads to take, at the moment we are only interested in flowering plants, so we "walked" past each road and very briefly looked at how the ferns, mosses and fungi are different.
We looked at our Maidenhair fern which has spores under the fronds.
We decided to walk down the flowering plants road and see what other roads branch off, so we then looked at leaf differences.
A few looks through the microscope at the veins of leaves and we were done.

Even though H is 4 he is participating and learning. I always try explain things using both scientific terms and easier terms suited to a 4 year old. As long as it is presented in an interesting way and not too much in the way of talking only he picks up quite a lot! 


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