Seurat Dots for the Kids

 After discussing some of the elements of art and Post-impressionist styles, we dotted the colour in pages to see how the colour theory actually works. 
First up close blue and red and then at a distance, the optical illusion, we see purple.
This cool trick is part of the reason why I plucked Seurat out of the famous artists of history mixed bag. I could have started way back at the beginning, but I hope by picking a few interesting artists at the start, the boys will see how much fun art can be and not be bored by studies focussing on time periods and dates (as I was sadly). Hopefully this works!
 The notebooking fairy has some printables to use and we used these to complete our look at Seurat today.

 These books were also used.
Now that we are on Post-impressionists, we may as well look at some others and Van Gogh of course.


  1. I love to find photos of children's work, using my free printables! Thanks for posting these. They look great. (I pinned it at Pinterest.)


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