Vivaldi and Venice Art

 Colourful canals of Venice by H.
This week we discovered that Vivaldi was born in Venice.
Where is Venice? What was it like in Vivaldi times and what does it look like now? 
First we located Italy and Venice on the map, then we discussed canals and a little (very basic) on Baroque architecture and cathedrals.

Luckily we have been fortunate enough to visit this wonderful city of canals and I have a clear picture in my mind, but we looked at some videos of the canals so that the boys could visualise what it is like. 

The colourful painted homes stood out, so we did a watercolour pencil drawing and included the mirror image in the water. I saw the idea here where they used pastels, but the pencils are quite quick and still turned out nice with the water wash and black ink pen.

This week we will be discovering the sonnets that accompany The Four Seasons by Vivaldi and will be listening out for allegro and largo examples.

Venice canal homes by J.


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