Mr Men Theme Birthday Lunch

 This year we decided to have a small birthday lunch with friends and so a few days before I decided to turn our dining room into Mr Men Land.

 Wrapping paper was used to draw the scene for the walls, but you could go wild with a whole room full of cardboard props. I think the Mr Men theme offers so many possibilities for big or small parties, an art/illustration party, retro party, etc etc, but this is a simple and quick last minute option.

 The table is drawing paper (so easy to clean up!) with drawings to be coloured in. I used stamps for the names.

 The cake is a three layer chocolate buttercream cake, retro style.

 The boys decorated the birthday tree with their own drawings.

A very Happy day!


  1. Happy Birthday H! What a beautiful party... I love the theme, your decorations look really fantastic. Great colours and cute details. H looks so happy. Well done Natasha, another fantastic party!

  2. You said is the last minute... it would take me a whole month to make a party like this!great job!

  3. Thank you but really I am sure you could do it as easily, just drawing on paper and balloons once you have the idea (which I sometimes have too many of).

  4. If I took time to do such a deco, that deco would stay in my house for at least a year.:) I like the idea so much!


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