Weedy Seadragon

 Seadragon in watercolour by H.
This afternoon at the beach H spotted something in the water, I looked and looked again, it was a seadragon! 
As soon as I realised this, a large wave washed it up towards the beach and another swept it back out just as quickly, but I shouted "seadragon" and the boys quickly searched amongst some seaweed and fortunately found it again.
Unfortunately it was not in good health (dead actually) but we did have a good look. They are such lovely creatures.
H did very well to spot it, they are well camouflaged.
We all decided to look up seadragons on the computer when we got home.
There is a little BBC video here.
Now we have seen our very first seadragon in the wild, last week it was a sea slug or sea hare, what will we spot next?
 By J and H.
Since we live close to some amazing seagrass meadows (and seadragons can be found here), we should probably look at these in depth next. They are underwater plants, which will lead on nicely from our mangrove study.


  1. I have never heard of a sea dragon, how amazing! Good spotting H! Beautiful paintings too....


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