Little Cardboard Box Shop

 I had another idea when I got out the cardboard box this morning, but it morphed into something completely different...a little shop.
 This is a quick and easy version of a cardboard shop, not many fancy bits, but lots of fun. This is what we did...
I (and Dad) started with a tear drop (kind of) shape for the two sides and used packing tape to stick a long rectangle piece from the back to the front. I cut out the door (left one side attached for hinge) and window on opposite side and frill for the top.
Then to make the counter I cut slits in the front to slide another piece of card into and then that card goes down the front and underneath (stick it here also).
You could decorate, make signs, use your blackboard etc. Left plain however it can be changed from a bakery to a florist, to an icecream van etc, etc, etc.


  1. Wow! Box shops a neat idea. Have you watched Caine's arcade? It's all boxes too.

  2. No I haven't but will check it out, we love boxes .


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