A Trip Back To Golden Times

 Today we went back in time, back to the Gold rush days.
After a train ride back in time (about 120years) we walked our way past a few of the historic buildings in Perth City before arriving at the Perth Mint.
The tour was interesting, an insight to what life would have been like back then (unfortunately the gold pour was cancelled), we saw some large nuggets and ate a chocolate gold coin.

 Nobody is home H.

 I thought it was fitting that we return to the future, so to speak and grab a bite of lunch at The Greenhouse Cafe.
It really is an interesting spot, the use of all the recycled pieces is fun for the kids.
The menu is fresh and we enjoyed our healthy woodfired pizza and I had a yummy chicken and fennel salad with pickled cucumber on flat bread.
Can't wait to see more of this style of building and restaurant pop up in the near future.


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