Van Gogh and Bach Study

 Sunflowers by H(5)Oil and chalk pastels. (I really like this one)
Today we looked at Van Gogh (an easy transition from Seurat and Pointillism), one of my favourite artists after visiting the museum in Amsterdam.
Topics today included the life of Van Gogh (with a positive spin) his use of bright colours and energetic brush strokes. We looked at some of the most popular pieces of art, but there are just so many!
Then we used pencils and revised perspective/depth and the colour wheel. We picked complimentary colours to attract the eye to the bed in the photo.
We decided that the above picture was a lot brighter and happier looking because of the choice of colours used. 

 Sunflowers by J (8) Oil pastels.
We started with black card, looked at the size and position of our vase and flowers on the page. Using short strokes and layered the picture from light to dark. 
I helped with the filling in of the pastels at the end after the bulk of the colours had been placed to help things along, as it took quite a while. 
I also spent time making sure the boys looked in depth at the original Sunflower painting by Van Gogh in our Usborne Art book, making mental notes, however I stressed the point of creating their own work, something different and original. 
I love how the vase by H is odd shaped and the flowers are quite thin, it just seems to work well I think. J has quite full flowers in contrast and used bright colours in Van Gogh style.
 Today we also read about and listened to Bach and are learning Minuet in G on the piano.
We used the following online resources and printables.-
Van Gogh Museum
Classics for kids
Bach and Van Gogh
Camille and the sunflowers Book reading video
Practical pages Bach and Van Gogh


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