Meet Sparky our Dolphin

We are so,so fortunate to have a friendly dolphin that wants to interact with us on our walks. 
No it is not Flipper, but a playful, cheeky, sprightly youngster we have named Sparky. 
Each day these lovely creatures work together to herd fish into the canal where they can scoop them up.
We sit and watch them speed up and down in front of us, playing with their food, smashing their tails against the water, and stopping by to say hi and check us out. 
Today Sparky swam up with a fish hanging out of his mouth to show us what he had caught.
Our friend Scruffy the pelican also benefits from this feeding frenzy...he scoops us a free load of fish from the side of the canal as well.

You can't buy this kind of experience!
We are loving it.


  1. oh wowwwwww!!! If only there were dolphins near here! There are pink ones in the Sarawak river but even that is a rare sight, we we've never seen them. I showed my girls the video and they were so excited!Is it possible to jump in and swim with the dolphin? :) Happy Mother's Day to you. :)

  2. You could probably quite easily jump in and swim, however they are feeding and we don't want to annoy them or get in their way, we want them to keep coming back. We do hope they will jump up and touch our hand one day! You have so many amazing animals where you are that we would love to see also! And a happy day to you also.


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