Newspaper Marionette

I have been planning on doing a musical puppet show with the boys as part of our music/art studies, but have not decided on the type of puppet I want to make. 
I do like marionettes, so thought I would try an easy newspaper version (I don't like the messy paper mache when in a hurry).
There are plenty of tutorials on the web about how to make a marionette, but basically I just rolled newspaper tightly and put a thin piece of wire through each section so I could join them up.I used masking tape to keep the paper together and then glued fabric on after I had joined the limbs.
The head is a paper mache ball I got from spotlight, the hair is wool glued on and I stuck the eyes on after drawing them on paper.
The nose was a bit of string, but would be much nicer with something else.
Fishing line was attached to the wrists, head and knees and connected to the wood...

 I think I will try a fabric soft marionette next time, but this will get some play time.


  1. This is really lovely Natasha! What a gorgeous puppet. He has such character! I bet the boys will love playing with him.

  2. Lovely! We're workin on ours too. Right now only backdrops have been done.


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