Crochet for theTable

These are a couple of things I have been working on with the crochet needle and cotton.
The top one is made up of 4 squares which I joined together and it may just turn into a tablecloth.
The round doiley will go nice on a cake stand.
Both patterns are from my 1970's crochet book.

A Birthday Dinner

I had a lovely Birthday Lunch at the Greenhouse in Perth and homemade seafood dinner with the boys and Nanny and Poppy this week.
Lots of lovely handmade touches.

 A selection of some of my favourite foods too!

When Nanny and Poppy Came to visit...

 This week we have been having fun with Nanny and Poppy.
At the beach, shopping and some nice lunches out and about.

We love when Nanny and Poppy visit us.

Crochet Cushion Cover - Attempt 1

 A cotton crochet cover with a few mistakes that are very obvious (lesson learned-must undo when I make a slip up).

Crochet Book from the 70's

 I found a crochet book for a couple of dollars and it has some good instructions in it, as well as some things I may actually try to make...
 however some things I think should stay in the 70's, hmmmm.

Vintage Books from the 70's

Today we stopped by the Second Hand Bookshop and found some mixed books from the 70's.

Colourful Insects in the Garden

We often watch the ant army scurry along the wall, but today we watched an insect stay completely still.

Pistachio, Lime and Coconut Cake

I have been thinking about making a pistachio cake for a while, but could not find a recipe which had ground pistachios, lime and coconut in I winged it a little.
I used a basic almond/lemon cake recipe and swapped the almond meal for pistachio, added dessicated coconut, lime rind and juice and made a lime syrup (juice and sugar) to pour over the warm cake. Once cool I added a lemon butter icing.
Apart from being in the oven a touch too long, it worked out quite nice, very moist. 
I will try it next time with a mix of almond and pistachio or perhaps add chopped nuts in place of ground(because they can be a little pricey at times).
Nice with a coffee on a stormy sunday.

Onomatopoeia and Poetry

 Our latest target skill (from Razzle Dazzle Writing) in writing is Onomatopoeia.
We used poetry to reinforce the idea of sound effect words.
The boys each made a poem about a trip to a farm and we also had an opportunity to learn how to draw a piggy.
 by H (5).

By J (8).

Pencil Drawing - Koala

Koala by H.
This took quite a while. We were having a lot (a lot!) of trouble doing a large round even circle, so ... practice, practice, practice!

A Cat and a Fox

 We did a little art recently, pencil drawings of a cat by H and a fox (which started as a cat) by J.

Autumn Squares Crochet

 This is the beginning of an autumn squares rectangles crochet quilt or throw (depending on how much wool I have). I am joining the colours without any real order, so fingers crossed!
And below is a baby wrap which I made using two threads (chocolate and baby blue) for a bouncy thick crochet.

Digging for fun

Do all boys like digging?

Drama - Funny Plays

 Today we did some drama, a play called "Three Silly Goats Gruff". A twist on the original, from the Scholastic book below.
This book contains some easy, but funny plays to read and act out and today we made a little paper puppet show after H and I designed the characters and bridge.
We rehearsed our characters and videotaped our performance. Lots of fun.

Writing Target Skills - Similes and Metaphors

 (by H - roller skating Like and as)
Yesterday we looked at similes and metaphors using our Razzle Dazzle Writing Book as a guide.
 (by J)
  I am very thankful that  H has neat writing and good drawing skills at age 5, it seems to come naturally, perhaps he will enjoy art like I do?
 This is his emu trying to take off down a runway like a jet plane.
The writing target skills lessons are set at J's level, however H sits in and takes part and picks up quite alot actually.
We have also looked at Juicy Colour Words recently...
 This is a nice drawing of a beautiful kingfisher by J.