Nautical Ninth Birthday Lunch

Today we had a lunch for J's 9th Birthday. 
Special friends made it a lovely day as usual.
A last minute sailing theme, using mostly paper, cardboard, twine, wool and some fabric. 
We made the cardboard boat a week ahead so the boys got to play before the big move. It is simply made from one box slit down one join. There is a great boat instruction here for a smaller toy version.

The Gull is cardboard with chalk and a paper hat. His sign was written with white out.
I crocheted a net for the blackboard and made up a sailing jig.

The cake is a light sponge with lemon buttercream and toasted coconut.
I glued twine on cardboard to make the number nine.

Crochet bunting for the boat and a rough embroidered anchor.

Sand from the beach and flags (idea from here)

For our menu I sailed the spice trail, we ate homemade Turkish bread, Freekeh salad, Pomegranate marinated lamb shanks, felafel coated chicken lovely legs with hummus, goats cheese and spinach salad, sticky date and ginger cake and new season watermelon.

 Make a sea of blue balloons!

Ahoy there little Ted! Pull up the anchor, let's set sail for Queensland! 


  1. Wow! What a party! Everything looks gorgeous Natasha - I love all your little handmade touches; the embroidered anchor, crocheted bunting, twine number nine and that beautiful boat! Happy Birthday J. We look forward to seeing you all next weekend and continuing the celebrations xxxxx

  2. As always, I'm blown away by your ideas, the work you put in to create such lovely birthday decorations!! Crocheted work too! Believe or not, I'm just beginning to learn crochet and can just do a plain line. haha...Impressive. Happy Birthday to J! :)


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