Birds In A QLD Backyard

Who Am I? I think you are a Pale Headed Rosella?
We were happy to arrive at our Holiday House on the Sunshine Coast and find an assortment of birds, including the one above, a pied butcherbird (with a lovely song), blue faced honeyeaters, magpies, a kookaburra, and a cheeky brush turkey. 
So the boys decided to make a bird feeder to help feed a family of butcherbirds nesting nearby (because the baby bird is quite persistent with his meep meeping!) 
They started grinding seeds from the trees in the backyard and collecting twigs. Then they made a hanging branch and now we attach different leftover fruit and seed and wait to see what stops by. Many do, it is lovely. 
I didn't know that the Sunshine Coast is home to about a third of all Australian Bird species!


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