Where Have We Been?

Can you guess?

Ok you probably have guessed now, but if not...we have travelled across the country to Sydney. Not to stay, just a transit on our way to The Sunshine Coast QLD.
We had a great time in Old Sydney Town, we stayed at Pier One, right in the historic part of the city and I would recommend it, the boys enjoyed staying next to the famous Harbour Bridge, within walking distance to Circular Quay and the Opera House. The boys counted trains going over the bridge from our Hotel room!

 The Rocks has some beautiful old buildings and quirky streets, markets, cafes, etc etc, so we spent a lot of time walking and walking and walking. We did go on a few ferries and a bus as well.

 We had a picnic in the Botanical gardens and visited Balmain, stopped and chatted to the lovely man playing the Grand Piano in DJ's and watched the old clock in the QVB building.

I managed a quick visit to The Gallery of Modern Art.)

 Sadly we missed our visit with some friends due to sickness (but we will see you all soon!) so at the last minute we decided to go to Taronga Zoo. This zoo has to have the best view of any zoo anywhere I think.

 The boys loved their first ride on a cable car and the new Dinosaur exhibit.
 However our unanimous favourite of the day was the Gorilla enclosure. We stood and watched a family interact for quite a while. How amazing they are. There was a mum with a baby and a testing older son (had to have been a boy!) a very sleepy and grumpy Dad and Grandma. It was just like watching a human family through glass. So funny.

 All through the zoo you get views of the city like this, really a lovely outing.

 So that was Sydney and now we are off to the green and gold, palms, sunshine and tropical fruit.


  1. How exciting! Last time I watched gorillas I watched them regurgitate food n swallow it back down again. So much fun to be on a trip


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