To Market to Market...

 to buy some fresh fruit and vegetables and plants for the new portable garden.
One of the things we are loving about the Sunshine Coast is the availability of fresh home grown, reasonably priced and organic produce. 
There are markets on all week long, Farmers Markets, Second Hand markets, produce markets, plant markets, craft markets, night markets etc etc. 
Everything grows well here especially our favourite fruits. I was very excited when I saw a bag of large sweet passionfruit for $2, yes we can't get enough of these sweeties and will be planting some seeds very soon.
These organic spuds and chemical free ladyfinger bananas are splendid. 
The goal is to reduce our trips to the supermarket and eat more fresh home grown food, so we have started collecting some potted herbs and plants, that we can take with us when we find a farm with our name on it.What we can't grow we are happy to buy from the markets.

We have a $5 lemon tree and a whole variety of toms along the fence.
Now I just have to remember that I have these herbs when I am cooking!


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