Cardboard Canvas Mixed Collage

H and I had time today to try this fun cereal box canvas art idea by Alma Stoller.
We did this fairly quickly, spent most of the time glueing music paper on and making the canvas and not much time doing the artwork to go on top, however next time we know what we are doing and can think a little more about that important part.
H decided he wanted a bird/human, so this is what he did using pencils, oil pastels, music paper, white paint and black ink pen.

This is the canvas once covered. 
You could do so many things with it, make mini ones too. I like the recycled feel of this project.
We used watered down glue because we don't have modge podge and it worked fine.

Writing Lessons - Target Skills

I just got a copy of Razzle Dazzle Writing by Melissa Forney and so far it looks like it has some great ideas. 
Writing was/is not one of my strong points, so I am keen to pick up some tips myself.
We are starting at the beginning with a lesson on Painting pictures with words.

Orange and Poppy seed Muffins

 Baby Cino and muffins this week.
I stewed the orange segments a little and added them along with orange zest and poppy seeds to a basic (one bowl) cupcake recipe and they actually came out quite nice and light, but you probably can't call them muffins then can you...what is a muffin actually?

Crochet - The Beginning

 My Nanny taught me how to crochet when I was 14ish and since then I have not picked up a needle. I did however try knitting a few years back, but crochet is more me I think.
The cold weather means sitting at a sewing machine in a cold room is much less appealing, so I got myself a needle and started to teach myself again. 
These are all my experiments with yarn and stitches and tension etc, etc, etc.
I am sure I will look at these later and cringe, however practice makes perfect!
I do have some little projects I want to get done in the next few months, so practice I will need.

Fabric Puppets

I have decided to go with little fabric dolls as puppets for our puppet show.
They are slowly progressing.
I have done about five, with five more and the stage and background to go.
Slowly but surely it will be finished.

Mint, Mint, Mint

 I am enjoying mint right in juices, mint in salad, mint in rice paper rolls and mint tea.
I like weak tea.
A few crushed mint leaves and a squeeze of lemon into boiling water does the trick.
It is helpful to the digestion system also (so I have read).

Boys Baking Bread

The boys made bread today.
I am not exactly sure why the need for a head lamp?

Some Cartoon Art and Drawing Basics

By J.
This week it was back to paper and pencil.
I think it is easier if you develop a few simple ways to draw cartoon style faces and bodies and then you can extend on these simple forms. So today I drew a few "u" shaped faces, noses, eyes and different hair styles on the blackboard and then asked the boys to make their own faces and bodies.
I think they did some great work and love the idea of covering the eye with hair!
 by J.
 by H.
 by H.
 by J.
I also wanted to do some more work on observational skills, so the boys picked a comic of Snoopy and worked at copying the lines, details and proportions as best they could. I find this such a useful way to teach children how to draw.
by H.

Cupcakes By J...

 J wanted to bake something without a recipe, but soon realised that when starting out, a recipe can be quite useful and increases the chance of having an edible result.
These cupcakes were light and fluffy and a great success.
Cleaning up is part of cooking too!

Lego and Model Train Show

 Recently we went to the Perth Model Railways show, which also had a great Lego display.

Enjoyed very much I think.

Contemplating What?

What does an 8 year old contemplate whilst watching the sun set?

Afternoon Walk

1928 Vintage Sewing Instruction Book

 I found this in a bookshop in Donnybrook and instantly loved the cover and some of the illustrations and at $4 I thought I might just learn something.

This is so funny...what is a prominent tummy exactly? Are they meaning pregnant or just, well, large? 
This is the late 20's which had some fabulous fashion.
It sounds very proper whatever they mean. 
I am sure there will be other insteresting finds in this book

Apple Picking in Donnybrook

Beautiful trees and autumn leaves on our drive to Donnybrook today.

 A little shop in Boyanup with lots of pretty things (mainly in the vintage French country theme). A surprising find in a town that you could miss if you blinked.

 The pick of the bunch!
 Sundowner and Pink Lady apples ready for the picking at Spring Valley Orchard, just south of Donnybrook WA. A small farm, basically a packing shed and rows of apple trees. You can arrange to visit and pick your own when in season.
 We took a picnic and enjoy a little country today.
 Horses are friendly, but got disappointed when our pockets were empty (I think they like apples).
 A giant chess set outside a small bookshop in Donnybrook called Donny books (worth a stop because I picked up a 1928 sewing instruction book for $4)
 We saw a few wild emus eating free farm grass and a giant carved bull that likes wine I think.

With a bag full of apples, we are ready to make something delicious.