Healthy Choices

 Step 1 to better and Healthy choices - More Veg Juice, less sugar, more coconut oil, less grains.

This is a banana bread made with coconut and almond flour, no processed sugar, just honey, no butter, just coconut oil, some almonds and eggs and a few raisons and vegetable PULP from our cold press juicer!
Our juicer passed on. So since we all like our vegetable juice I decided to get a proper cold press juicer that extracts lots more goodness and leaves dry pulp.
Then I starting thinking how to use the pulp? In a banana cake recipe of course, but let's try coconut oil, coconut flour and honey and see if it works. It did. Very nice, healthy, gluten free.
I did not write down every measurement, although I will get to that at some stage. 
The next day I used the dry vegetable pulp in a mince meatball mixture, which tasted great but they were a bit crumbly without any binder.
The juice tastes lovely. Our favourite at the moment is green apple, mint, ginger, carrot, spinach, celery and sometimes beetroot.
Great way to get an extra hit of greens too. 
(we used to do this frequently but stopped finding the time to make it a priority)
 Another fantastic use for the juicer is to make fruit sorbet. Some local fruit we froze goes in and this mango and raspberry summer yummy treat comes out.

It is a slow juicer, but it is well worth the wait and the benefits out way the costs.


  1. This all looks and sounds super delicious! I think H's smile says it all. It is a great feeling, filling up your body with good food like this. I must get back into the habit because I must admit with three little ones at home during the holidays, I did turn to chocolate quite a lot. Just a few days into this term and I am already feeling much better. I look forward to seeing what else you make. And I would love you to share your meatball recipe when you are happy with it. The fruit sorbets look amazing too!

  2. wow, do share the recipe. Never knew pulp could be used that way. Love your crochet necklace, so beautiful! :)


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