Hunting for Houses

 You can see on their little faces that there are things they would rather be doing than searching for a property. Actually those faces are "will the croissants be much longer???"
We are in Cooroy and stopped at an authentic French Cafe (QLD standards) where they had some of the tastiest croissants we have tried. The chef is French and the items on offer behind the glass looked fabulous which makes up for the wait. It is not a "coffee place" sadly, there is no sweet smell of coffee as you walk in and no fancy machine, but definitely a nice surprise in a small country town.
Another place definitely worth visiting in Cooroy is "Twig and Grace". This is a lovely gift, vintage, flowers, handmade cafe with a lovely vibe and it is always on our pop in list when in the area (and they are a bit more serious about their coffee, most times).


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