In our Backyard

Our Backyard...
Is full of creatures and it surprises us everyday!
There are amazing birds, giant black cockatoos, whip birds, lorikeets, rosellas kookaburras on the fence etc, etc, etc.They wake us with their songs and chatter again at dinner time. I have a bird identification book for the ones we can see but there are soooo many!
And then there are the insects, well I have never seen so many insects in my life. Giant rhinoceros beetles, other bugs with metallic opal suits on, cicadas, crickets, giant goat moths and many more knock at the sliding door each evening to introduce themselves. Then we have the butterflies, and not so nice flies, all 100 different species from miniscule to magnormous. But the most interesting insect was the scorpion in Js bedroom. Our first scorpion guest that we escorted out quickly (and now don't leave doors open!).

Mustard the dog is ok with sharing the backyard and he actually finds some of the insects quite appetising. However he was not so sure about sharing the door mat the other night with a brown tree snake! The snake was not happy at all to have a dog in his face. We hope the dog learns his lesson from this relatively harmless variety. 
He does have other obstacles to deal with at night...the cane toads! We have had quite a few, but they have not left without a going away present. 

 Each day there is something new arriving at our backyard zoo.
Today it was a goanna wandering around in the mid day heat.
What will it be tomorrow?
We think perhaps an echidna,emu, or maybe even a platypus (maybe that is pushing it)? 
Whatever it is we are excited when we see something new turn up and it is such a wonderful way to learn!!


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