The New Year - 2013

New Years Eve this year was quite at home.
Earlier in the day we ventured into Hastings Street with family to go for a swim...(must remember to stay away from Hastings Street during the peek holidays!) it was packed. I have never seen it sooooo busy, but we still managed to squeeze in a quick swim.
A few days later we went to the Noosa River for a swim and it was less crowded and very refreshing. 
Next time I won't forget the camera!
There are so many lovely places to visit up here and I will be posting on our adventures as usual in 2013.
I think a new blog banner is overdue, so I will be getting on with that job too.
Happy New Year and hope you achieve all your goals set for 2013.


  1. Happy New year to you too! We like to avoid the crowds too, but a swim is always good, no matter how busy the beaches are. I am very impressed with your crochet... which reminds me ~ little Ollie wore his gorgeous crocheted hat to the beach the other day. Looked so cute! Thank you!


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