Art Lesson - Sketching a Portrait

 Self Portrait by H.
 Our Art Lesson this week utilised the camera and Photoshop.
I wanted to help the boys look for "main lines" when drawing faces (or anything) so in order to do that I showed them how the Photoshop program can reduce a photograph to some basic outlines. 
After I printed the adjusted photos I then asked the boys to copy the main lines (freehand) on to their own paper and use all the other techniques they remembered about sketching (distances between lines, dividing the page up into quarters etc) to complete their portrait.
After a few minor adjustments they had finished.
Other things they realised along the journey were-
-which way hair grows on different parts of the body
-eyes that are closer are larger
-a portrait is really just a combination of lines and shapes to varying degrees of detail
Self Portrait by J.


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