Art This Week- Line Drawing The Scream

 by J.
This week we looked at a famous piece of art and broke it down into white lines on black card, making patterns and shapes.
This was building on the basic concept we had discussed that art is made up of lines on paper... straight lines, wavy lines, thick and thin lines, short and long lines.
At first the boys were asked to look at the composition of the painting. 
What was it about? Do you like it? How does it make you feel? Why is he screaming? 
Because the boys had heard me discuss Krakatoa erupting earlier, they said the screaming was because of that, but I also discussed that Munch may have been expressing his emotions and that he had a troubled childhood.
I asked more questions... how has the Artist used different techniques to tell a story?, what effects do these colours have? do the lines create movement? 
The term "Expressionism" was introduced and related to our study on Van Gogh and Post Impressionism.
We all agreed that the "screamer" stood out i the painting because it was centre front and because the artist had used unexpected/distorted/exaggerated shapes.

Some of the terms/ideas that were discussed-
-contour lines
-colour scheme

It was a short lesson but we covered some of the main ideas and introduced a new art movement.

 The Scream by Edvard Munch
by H.


  1. Your little boys' reason for the 'screaming' is adorable! And what beautiful drawings they've made too!


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