Fresh Turmeric

Turmeric has many health benefits, so when I found this lovely organic market stall at Eumundi markets selling fresh, local grown turmeric, ginger and garlic...I grabbed some.
It is used by simply grating it into your cooking or at the end is better apparently. Soups, curries, meat dishes, stirfry etc. 
When the market man said it stains...
he was right! 
This is bright yellow and takes a few days to come off (don't wear white!).
Great for natural fabric dyeing, will try that soon also.
Can we grow some ourselves now?


  1. I've never used fresh turmeric in cooking - how does it compare with powdered turmeric?

  2. We love the flavour,use it the same way as dried I think. It gives a fabulous colour, I have it steaming with the rice right now!


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