Juice Pulp-Don't Throw it Away!

 This is the juice from todays vegetable juice (carrot, beetroot, celery, spinach,ginger, lime, green apple) YUM, and this is the pulp...
The pulp we get from our cold press juicer is very dry and crushed small (unlike our old juicer), therefore it can be used in many, many ways, so we don't throw it away (unlike our old juicer). It is good fibre after all.
I have tried using it in the following ways, all being successful!
-adding it to a banana/carrot cake/muffin mix
-adding it to a meatball mix
-adding it to vegetable soup for thickening
-feeding it to the dog (he loves it)
This weekend we made apple muffins using the apple pulp only.
Next we may try a vegetable quiche.
When we have a large garden we will compost it also.

This salad was absolutely wonderful, the best use of pulp yet!

Vegetable Pulp Salad - use a variety of baby spinach/lettuce and sprinkle over some of the beetroot,carrot and celery pulp mixed with some organic seeds for crunch. Add some marinated goats feta and some shavings of parmesan. Then drizzle over a small amount of french honey mustard,lemon and olive oil dressing and enjoy!

There are so many uses for this by-product of our daily juice, we have only just begun discovering.
It is also a good feeling not having to waste any healthy food if we can avoid it.


  1. Great ideas minimocha! Don't let a small garden deter you from getting a compost bin - we have a fairly small garden and have just a generic black compost bin we keep at the back of the house (from Bunnings) - an occasional turning of the contents is all we usually do in terms of maintenance. Our potted plants love it!

  2. Yes we should do the compost bin, but because this house is temporary and we intend on going to a farm I don't know if the plastic one will get used again?


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