Operation Stop The Grasshoppers

 Here are the culprits that are eating all of our basil plants.
The pretty green little monster on the left has just about eaten its way through three basil plants. Our new friend (not) on the right (The vegetable grasshopper) is a crazy looking critter and doing just as much damage.
How to stop them? Pick them off it seems or...
 it seems our dog fancies eating grasshoppers, so we may have found our solution!
They are not getting near our first lemon that is for sure!


  1. Let me know when you find a solution (other than the dog) coz mine certainly doesn't care hoots about grasshoppers. :|

  2. The dog loves them! But I do have to pull them off first unfortunately. I did find another solution...Marigolds. They are fairly cheap to buy here, so I am going to put some next to the next lot of Basil plants and see how they go.


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