Art and Topography

Contour lines... learning about Art and introducing Topography/Geography.
1- Choose some rocks with differing shapes and proportions.
2- Place them on paper and trace the outline with an ink pen (you could do a few colours if you wanted but I think one is good for this effect)
3- Take your time and follow the traced line all the way to the outside of the page, getting further apart for each line and swapping between rock outlines each time you draw a line (great practice for fine drawing skills and finger/pencil control).
4.Now come back to the inside of the traced shape and draw lines gradually closer and closer together, until there is no space left.
5. Step back and admire your art and notice how it looks like there are mountains in 2D, then find a topography map (we used the Himalayas) in the Atlas and discuss what the lines mean in terms of slope etc. and how they are used in Geography.

 Contour lines by H (5)


  1. Yours sons have a great drawing talent! Especially H. Its amazing that he can draw like this being only five! Congratulations on great kids!


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