Art - Pastel and Watercolour resist

Floating by H
 Today for Art we used oil pastels and water colour paint to create these images of ourselves swimming in a pool. 
The idea came from here and is based on the pool paintings by the English artist David Hockney.
First we used oil pastels to draw our bodies, then a white oil pastel was used to make criss cross and wavy lines. After we were satisfied with the drawing, we mixed some nice blue and green water colours to wash over the whole picture.
Dive by J.
This activity took less than 1 hour, actually 30 mins is doable. 
You could do fish or whales, or go completely abstract with a coral reef.
Obviously the more time you spend the better the finished product, but it is a fun project either way.


  1. This is such a lovely idea! I will be trying this next. thanks.


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